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How we work

From restaurant to customer delivery


Send delivery request

Enter the destination address


Driver will accept request

Driver at your door


Driver will pick the order

No extra funds will be charged


Delivery towards delivery address

Delivery completed ! cheers


Zipgrip app is designed by keeping in mind the hurdles that are faced by the restaurants or malls in home delivery of food or other items ordered by customers.
Zipgrip is designed for the restaurants or malls that needs the food  or other items delivery persons.
Sometimes there comes many orders and it becomes difficult by the restaurant or malls to deliver items on time.

Zipgrip provides two panels:

– Company area
* Provide the login area for the company
* After login companycan place the delivery request by providing delivery address
* System will check for the delivery person and will assign the request to a nearby driver
*Company can check the order status from the app dashboard

– Delivery person (Driver)
* After assignment of order driver will rush towards the company
* Will update the status to accept and after reaching company to at company
* after reaching company , driver will change the status to pick
* At last the delivery request status will be changed to complete after reaching the delivery address

– Location tracking
* There will be tracking of driver intervals to check the location of driver
* driver can check the location of delivery and company address from direct google tracking

– Request management
* All the today delivery requests with status updates will be shown on the dashboard
* Past request history could be seen from the history by providing the date range


Email: zipgrip158@gmail.com

Website : zipgrip.com

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